Lead Staff

Brian Cassanego

Jessica Trader
General Manager / Owner

Caitlin Foster
Assistant Manager

Amilicar UC Camara
Executive Chef


Swanky wine bar & brewpub with a vintage Jazz-era vibe. screens Film Noir throughout.

San Francisco is a place where the spirit of film has lived and breathed through our beautiful architecture and history.  Our city embraced its role openly as Humphrey Bogart’s muse for Dark Passage and The Maltese Falcon, while Alfred Hitchcock found relaxation in our city.  Vacationing many times in San Francisco it was no surprise that he chose it to be the home of Vertigo. 

With a city so rich in culture and history we decided to pay homage by creating a space that would welcome you in and embrace film noir the best way we know possible while creating a unique dining experience. So, a restaurant with its name paying tribute to an iconic era in film could not be more appropriate.  Many of our dishes are sourced from local and regional farms, while always respecting sustainability and remaining environmentally conscious. 

The end result is a truly distinctive space, showcasing culinary creativity and a commitment to a memorable experience for our guests.



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